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Industrial Construction Professionals

As Industrial Construction Professionals, we are your reliable partner for complex projects. Our expertise and experience can be seen in every project we take on. Our team is dedicated to delivering results that satisfy and exceed our clients expectations.

Quality Construction Solutions

Our comprehensive construction methods make sure your products and processes meet the highest industry quality standards with the greatest performance outputs. Our team uses the latest tech and years of experience to construct the equipment you depend on.

Detailed Inspection Reports

Our main focus is on detailed inspection reports of your equipment. We create detailed reports that give you a clear and deep look at the area we inspect. This helps you make smart decisions and do what’s needed to overcome an issue.

Precise Construction Planning

We create detailed plans that cover everything in your project so it goes well, stays on budget, and meets your quality needs. Our focus on planning ensures your construction project is successful from beginning to end.

About us

Here at CIC we are focused on detailed planning and lean Construction. We help you plan your projects carefully and ensure maximum return on your investment in us. 

Our Mission

To provide the Highest Quality service, mixed with latest technological industry practices, at an fair market price.

Construction Professionals

Our construction and project managers are experienced and highly knowledgeable. With our dedication to quality, we offer projects and equipment that exceed standards in the industry and satisfy customer requirements, guaranteeing success along the way.

Years of Experience in Industrial Construction


Committed to Excellence in every service we offer

Industries we serve

Our Market

We offer a wide variety of services that cater to every aspect of industrial construction market, from planning and budget development to precise construction services and much more. Explore now!

Pulp & Paper Mills

We're dedicated to the sustainable transformation of timber into essential paper and pulp products, and we have all the equipment you need! With a proven track record, we are committed to enhancing operational efficiency, reducing downtime, and maximizing the quality of pulp and paper products. For this, we will provide you with all the required equipment. Our equipment is tailored to meet these demands effectively.

Power Generation

We recognize the critical role electricity plays in the lives of millions. With our commitment to reliability, we specialize in servicing, rebuilding, and replacing essential components, including Baghouses, Precipitators, Ash Collection Systems, Expansion Joints, Ductwork, Stacks, Air Preheaters, and Scrubber Systems. We prioritize minimizing disruptions with our equipment and maximizing the availability of electricity.

Broad Industry Markets

We have a strong presence in various industries, ensuring that we deliver tailored solutions that precisely match the unique requirements of each sector. Within the industrial market, our services are a cornerstone for numerous industries. We have a deep-rooted commitment to supporting various sectors, including Cement Plants, Limestone Plants, Silica Mills, Sugar Mills, and Biomass Plants.



We specialize in three specific areas of systems that covers a wide range of equipment types. Air Pollution Control Systems, Material Handling Systems and Air Handling Systems. 

Air Pollution Control Systems

Air Pollution Control Systems are key components of every Industrial facility throughout the industry for maintaining a healthy environment through EPA regulations. Our teams are highly trained professionals with the knowledge to keeps systems in compliance like Electrostatic Precipitators, Bag Filter Houses, SCR's, Scrubbers and RTO's.

Material Handling Systems

Facilities in the Industrial Industry are moving some type of material constantly. This can be done through many types of equipment depending on the type of operations that take place within the facility. Therefore, we specialize in multiple system types to ensure all equipment is operating in peak performance.

Air Handling Systems

Air Handling Systems are an essential part of every industrial facility whether in Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, Metal Mills, Cement Plants, Manufacturing Plants or Chemical/Gas Plants. The ability to maintain a air tight system reduces energy losses and boiler efficiency.

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Safety-Driven Construction Solutions

Prioritizing safety at every step, we provide construction solutions that protect our team, clients, and the environment. Safe practices are vital to our project’s success and client satisfaction.

Safety is Our Priority

Proven Track Record

With a history of successful completing projects safely we have proven that Safety of all can be maintained with the right focus and attention to detail. Currently we have ZERO Recordables, ZERO loss time and ZERO Fatalities. Our year to date EMR is 1.0


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